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How do I add or change GTX menus in AutoCAD?

GTXRaster CAD versions 9.1, 10.1, 11.5, 12.5, 2010, 2011, and 2012 feature GTX menus in the CUI file format. Initially the Raster CAD installation configures the GTX menu, that is appropriate for the GTX program level, as an Enterprise Customization File. This may be achieved manually by opening the AutoCAD Options window, selecting Customization Files>Enterprise Customization File then use the Browse button to browse to the Raster CAD file folder where you will see CUI files for each of the GTX product levels.

GTX recommends that an AutoCAD Workspace be created for the GTX program to make menus and toolbars customizable in the AutoCAD Customize User Interface editor. To do this, open the Workspace toolbar in AutoCAD, select Save Current As from the Workspace pulldown, then apply an appropriate Workspace name for the GTX program. This may also be done using the WSSAVE command to open a Save Workspace dialog. These methods may be reapplied to save an existing Workspace that needs modification.


Having a Workspace for the GTX program allows for customization of the visual screen elements using the Customize User Interface editor that is accessible by AutoCAD's CUI command. From the GTX Workspace, toolbar and menu elements may be added to and rearranged in their screen positions. Without the creation of a Workspace for GTX the menu elements are contained in the Read Only Enterprise customization which is not changeable.

Using Menuload to add or remove GTX menus

All versions of GTX menus may be loaded using AutoCAD's Menuload command. This method incorporates GTX menu elements as part of AutoCAD's menu structure where the GTX menu components are not separately manageable as when they are identified as an Enterprise Customization.

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