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HASP License Manager

The HASP License Manager is an independent application that serves as a link between the HASP hardware lock and the protected GTX application. Install the HASP License Manager on the computer to which you connect your netHASP key. The HASP License Manager supports IPX, NetBIOS, and TCP/IP (UDP and TCP modes). By default, it listens to all three protocols at once. Instructions on this page will only pertain to networked Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The following descriptions and version information cover what is known to be the most typical type of License Manager installation as of this writing. The installation is not difficult and success rates are high for a first time user. A program named LMSETUP.EXE will install the HASP License Manager application.

The   LMSETUP program is provided on the GTX CD in the HASP\Server\Win32 folder and in the License sub-folder of the installed GTXRaster CAD or ImageCAD program. Other availability is provided by Aladdin Knowledge systems, under 'Support and Downloads', on their web site. The download is the latest available version.

Advanced help is available in the NHSRVW32.HLP file, located on the GTX CD in the HASP\Server\Win32 folder and in the License sub-folder of the installed software program. The following images describe all of the steps encountered during the LMSETUP.EXE installation process. In detail the steps are;

  • Welcome, with version information and a request to stop any currently running NetHASP License managers.

  • Aladdin End User License Agreement.

  • Installation Type, requesting a choice of installation as a Windows service (NT, 2000, XP, 2003) or as an application (Windows 98). Installing as a service allows for HASP license availability independent of a user login.

  • Choose Destination Location, which defaults to C:\Program Files\Aladdin\HASP LM.   The destination may be modified by use of the 'Browse' button. The size of all files   which will be installed is approximately 3 Megabytes.

  • Select Program Manager Group, which allows modification of the Program Group name for   the HASP License Manager.

  • XP SP2 Firewall Settings, will only appear if the license manager installation is being performed on an XP SP2 with a Windows Firewall enabled. Please read the complete description of this at the end of this page. Instructions for manual modification of the Firewall are available in the topic Microsoft Windows XP SP2.

  • Device Driver Installation, prompts for initiation of a HASP Device driver installation. A device driver is necessary for the Windows operating system to recognize the HASP hardware device. 

  • Start License Manager, will start the License Manager application. Finish, to complete the installation of the License Manager.

Please read additional information provided at the end of this page before you run LMSetup.

At the finish of a HASP License Manager installation, installed as a service, a red, white, and blue icon will appear in the System Tray next to the Windows desktop clock. That is an indication that a License Manager is in operation.   A double click on the HASP icon will open a window titled, HASP License Manager for Win32

The HASP License Manager main window displays the following information:

  • HASP License Manager version number

  • Status of each protocol (loaded, unloaded, or failed to load) and the date and time of the last change of status

Use the Help and Contents menu of the License Manager main window to study advanced options and descriptions of this program.


Port 475 must be open as a firewall exception to allow the HASP server to communicate with remote GTX client computer software. When the choice, 'create firewall rules to enable these ports', is selected on the XP SP2 Firewall Settings step of the HASP License Manager installation,   exceptions to firewall port blocking are created automatically.

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