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GTXImage CAD Series - Stand-Alone Cleanup, Editing, Conversion and CAD

GTXImage CAD V21.0          32-Bit   64-Bit
GTXImage CAD PLUS V21.0   32-Bit   64-Bit

GTXImage CAD VIEW V21.0   32-Bit   64-Bit

GTXImage CAD V18.0          32-Bit   64-Bit
GTXImage CAD PLUS V18.0   32-Bit   64-Bit

GTXRaster CAD Series for CAD Applications
GTXRaster CAD 2024 Series for AutoCAD 2024
GTXRaster CAD 2023 Series for AutoCAD 2023 or BricsCAD V23 or ZWCAD 2023
GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series for AutoCAD 2022 or BricsCAD V22 or ZWCAD 2022
GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series for AutoCAD 2021 or BricsCAD V21 or ZWCAD 2021
GTXRaster CAD 2020 Series for AutoCAD 2020 or BricsCAD V20
GTXRaster CAD 2019 Series for AutoCAD 2019
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2018 Series for AutoCAD 2018
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2017 Series for AutoCAD 2017
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2016 Series for AutoCAD 2016
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2015 Series for AutoCAD 2015
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2014 Series for AutoCAD 2014
    32-bit     64-bit
GTXRaster CAD 2013 Series for AutoCAD 2013
    32-bit     64-bit
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