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GTXImage CAD V14.0

GTXImage CAD Series V18.0 Replaces V14
See your GTX dealer or contact GTX for upgrade information.

GTXImage CAD is a total raster and vector drawing system for bringing paper drawings into a modern CAD, EDM or GIS environment. It includes powerful, industry standard two-dimensional CAD functionality that fully supports comprehensive hybrid raster and vector capabilities. It also provides highly efficient raster enhancement and editing features that permit you to make the most of your legacy drawing archive.

The New Version 14.0 GTXImage CAD product contains many enhancements that help the user to modify and enhance scanned raster archives with the speed and flexibility of the latest and best, vector and raster editing techniques.

A hybrid raster and CAD editing solution, GTXImage CAD's raster editing features include intelligent cleanup and powerful raster and CAD-based raster modification commands.

Use CAD drawing and editing to trace over raster drawings.
Store or plot data as raster or hybrid raster/vector files.
Archive vector information by converting entities into raster objects.
Select between basic and advanced menu configurations to adjust the solution for use by both novice and advanced users.

User Manual (5.14 MB)Product Datasheet

View demonstrations on the following GTXImage CAD functions:

Automatically clean a dirty image
Edit raster geometry


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