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GTXRaster CAD® Series and GTXImage CAD(TM) Series Product Comparison

The major difference between the GTXRaster CAD® Series and GTXImage CADTM Series is the environment in which the user operates.

• If your work environment is primarily an AutoCAD® design environment, using a full version of the AutoCAD® or BricsCAD® or ZWCAD® product, then the best GTX solution series for you is the GTXRaster CAD® Series. 

• If your work environment uses many other CAD design solutions, i.e., MicroStation, Pro/Engineer, etc., then the best solution for you is the GTXImage CADTM Series.

GTXRaster CAD® Series allows an AutoCAD user, with release 2023 or earlier, or BricsCAD V22 or ZWCAD 2023 user to modify and enhance scanned raster images. Whether your requirement is for color reduction & separation, raster cleanup, 2D CAD drafting, hybrid raster/vector editing or full automatic raster-to-vector conversion with intelligent text recognition, total flexibility is provided by this all-in-one product. Another benefit, the GTXRaster CAD 2023 Series includes is the option of software licensing based on the new Flexera Software® FLEXENABLEDTM technology.

To view more detailed information regarding the GTXRaster CAD® Series click here:

GTXImage CADTM Series, Version 21.0, is the ultimate tool to help you maximize the use of your legacy paper drawings in CAD, EDM, & GIS environments. Based on the AutoCAD® 2018 OEM engine, the GTXImage CADTM Series doesn’t require AutoCAD® in the work environment. It operates independently as a standalone raster editor or raster to vector conversion tool. The software includes the 2D CAD drafting, raster cleanup, hybrid raster/vector editing, or full automatic raster-to-vector conversion, with the option of intelligent character recognition for text conversion. The output file can be saved as either a DWG or DXF – so it accommodates both the AutoCAD environment and the other CAD environments.

To learn more about the GTXImage CADTM Series click here:

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