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How to Modernize Your Paper Engineering Drawings
A White Paper From the Paper to CAD Experts

Making it Work

Once the implementation decision is made, how do you ensure the success of enabling your paper drawing archives or EDM/PDM system? With long implementation cycles in the enterprise-wide EDM/PDM system, payback and user acceptance can drag and stall throughout the initial stages of a full-scale implementation. The integration of manual paper-based archives as a first step can help companies to successfully implement such a system. An incremental approach can produce a more immediate payback and end-user satisfaction with its implementation.

Plan Globally, Invest Incrementally

This simply means looking at the broader business issues related to the life-cycle of paper drawings. Select the most critical business issues and implement the appropriate technology while planning for the bigger issues of document management and workflow systems. A paper-enabled approach incorporates elements of EDM/PDM before deploying a full-blown system. This step-by-step process allows payback benefits to be realized while addressing the integration of the vast amounts of paper designs within CAD and introducing an electronic distribution environment. The value of the drawings increases along with existing drafting systems by implementing hybrid or raster CAD systems. This allows scanned archives to be manipulated within the same tool set used for newer design work. A more critical evaluation of the EDM/PDM backbone can be accomplished by enabling the initial conversion process. Users have more time to model workflow, design ECO/ECN processes, define security requirements and determine other control issues best handled by EDM/PDM.

Paper-Enabling PDM

Companies using progressive implementation strategies may have already taken the approach to implement PDM to help manage the existing CAD/CAE environment. Most PDM systems can be expanded by adding raster-literate viewers and hybrid raster-editing systems to allow the vast amounts of paper archives to be contained in the same system managing CAD.

Use a Value Added Reseller (VAR) or a Consultant

Consultants can offer a company a broad range of expertise that comes from working with other similar companies. VARs have broad expertise with products and can provide needs analysis, implementation and training services. Look for VARs that have specific experience with the paper-enabling issues. A consultant can help with needs analysis, training, selection process and implementation. Ask for reference accounts with needs similar to yours.

Include the User

Include your user community through the various phases of implementing this technology. This will improve the acceptance of the technology and the overall payback to your company.

Select Proven Suppliers and Products

Today’s software market is covered by too many products that are fragile and offer poor support. Your selection and relationship with a manufacturer is critical and goes beyond the product. Look for companies with a historical and ongoing investment in the technology, worldwide operations, proven customer satisfaction and good training programs to ensure optimal use and payback of your investment.

Evaluate the Software

The software should provide a full compliment of conversion approaches. Each and every drawing will have an optimal payback approach and the resulting systems should incorporate hybrid raster and vector editing for the simple changes, selective conversion for moderate changes and full two-dimensional parametrics and three-dimensional modeling for the higher valued drawings. Also look for ease of use, compatibility with other software and hardware and support of standard formats. These features will ensure compatibility now and in the future. The software features should benefit a list of key requirements scaled on their value to your organization to help in the evaluation process. This needs to include careful attention to file formats that you need and that the software supports.

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