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CASE STUDIES! Learn how GTX products solve real world problems...
GTX Corporation Helps Ingenco with the paper problem... DARA Fleetlands turns to GTX technology to help them solve their Paper-to-CAD problems... Messier-Dowty Takes Off with GTXImage CAD Plus 2000
CarnaudMetalBox is making full use of hybrid (Raster and Vector) capabilities of the GTXRaster CAD products... RNLI finds GTX a more cost effective way to keep their drawings up to date... British Telecommunications Call on GTX for Help With Drawings
Bosch adopts GTXRaster CAD To Manage Their Scanned Drawings... To Scan or Not to Scan? - That was the Question...* NAM adopts GTXRaster CAD <i>PLUS</i>...

QUOTES AND TESTIMONIALS! Here's what people are saying about GTX solutions...

Autodesk Resource Guide...
Electrical Contractor Magazine...
Royal Air Force...
SKF - USA...
University of Massachusetts...
City of Austin...
CADdesk Magazine...
CAD InfoNet...
Document Management Magazine...
Hershey's Chocolate of California...
Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM)...
Siemens Energy & Automation...
Unitil Service Corporation...

Hershey's Chocolate of California, Inc. - July 2003 "...I am very pleased with your software for Vector/Raster images into AutoCAD 2002. The possibilities and time savings by scanning and using GTX to raster-to-vector is awesome. Your company rates a "10" in customer response and support based on our experience with you and GTX. Keep up the great job you're doing."

- Paul Galas,
Senior Design Specialist,

Tyco Electronics - Arab - January 2002 "The GTXRaster CAD software is a very useful software for our drafting needs since about 50% of our CAD files are scanned drawings. The speed with which I can revise these drawings using GTX is one of the things that make drafting here in Arab efficient and timely. Assembly drawings especially can take four to five days to redraw because of the complexity of the switch assemblies... the GTX software speeds up my work, it allowed me to completely revamp two raster assemblies in about six hours!"

Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) - 2002
NAM adopts GTXRaster CAD PLUS "How can we modernize a drawing archive that has 1 million drawings, of which only 10 percent are digital, with a 30 year history and spread over several locations?”

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth - 2002
University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth "The GTXRaster CAD PLUS software was the key to obtaining the end results.” - University of Massachusetts Hydrology and Water Resources

County of Warwickshire - July 2001
To Scan or Not to Scan? - That was the Question... "We researched the marketplace and found that GTXRaster CAD provided us with the sort of functionality we needed, particularly the image clean-up and hybrid (i.e. raster & vector) editing tools, to cope with keeping our legacy archive up to date. An added bonus was the fact that training for our AutoCAD staff to use the GTXRaster CAD effectively was minimal.”

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BOSCH - June 2001
Bosch adopts GTXRaster CAD To Manage Their Scanned Drawings... "The GTXRaster CAD/AutoCAD software solution works very well for us. With Envisage's support we have been able to develop a very efficient and effective system for managing, updating and distributing all our scanned and CAD files."

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CADALYST Magazine - December 1999
Cadalyst gives GTX an A "GTX Raster CAD PLUS (Series 6.0) is a pleasure to use. It's extremely complex, and yet any reasonably proficient AutoCAD drafter will make first-rate conversions within hours of starting the program... This is mature software that is highly polished and thoroughly documented. The 260-page manual covers all commands and has five tutorials on R2V conversion. Highly Recommended."

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Messier-Dowty - 2001
"Before we introduced GTXImage CAD™ PLUS 2000 we used to have to alter the drawings in the traditional way, editing by hand, `scratching-out` and sometimes redrawing completely, all of which were very costly and time-consuming. We are very pleased with GTXImage CAD™ PLUS 2000. It has transformed our drawing office procedures. We estimate that we are now at least 20 times as productive in our drawing update and other related tasks."
Read the entire case study in Adobe Acrobat format.

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CADALYST Magazine - May 1999

“GTX raster conversion and enhancement products are consistently among the most powerful and easiest to use hybrid and raster to vector programs. GTXRaster R2V is…aimed squarely at users of Autodesk CAD Overlay. Indeed R2V and CAD Overlay complement each other very well. The GTX program adds automatic and selective raster to vector conversion to CAD Overlay’s raster tools.”

Read this article in Adobe Acrobat® format!

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CarnaudMetalBox - 2000
"It is much quicker to electronically modify a drawing on GTXRaster CAD than redrafting manually... For our particular use we did not need to convert all our scanned images to vector. We quickly realised the advantages of working in a hybrid environment and the savings of not having to convert everything to vector, especially as this was not really necessary. GTXRaster CAD has all the features and functions that we need to enable us to efficiently amend and update our 'hybrid' scanned drawings... We are now able to provide a much better level of service to our main 'customers', both in the Tool-Room and the and the Spares and Parts Purchasing Departments. We will be enhancing and updating both the hardware and the software in the near future. The capability that GTX products give us to keep our scanned drawings up to date and the fact that it is so well integrated with AutoCAD will ensure that GTXRaster CAD remains a fundamental part of our new systems."
Read the entire case study in Adobe Acrobat format.
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CADENCE Magazine - March 2000

"(GTXRaster CAD PLUS') tool set places it in the high-end Automatic R2V Conversion and Raster Editing arena. These tools include OCR and unattended batch conversions, which are a must for high volume service bureaus. The program works for automatic, unattended conversions or high quality, verified conversion or raster editing, and it provides the necessary tools to get the job done efficiently... Pros include excellent AutoCAD 2000 integration; solid bitonal image enhancement and manipulation; thorough binary raster image editing commands and conversion features; easy to use and learn; fully automatic as well as computer-assisted raster-to-vector (R2V) conversion; customizable optical character recognition (OCR) as well as word and alphanumeric pattern recognition (and) good Internet and intranet URL support."

CADENCE Magazine - January 1999

"The GTXRaster CAD Series is for you... If you need to use raster images or include manual drawings inside AutoCAD with minimum effort and maximum accuracy... The GTXRaster CAD Series added intelligence to the [conversion] process, recognizing lines, arcs, circles, text and arrows as what they are and translating them properly. Its highly automated and intelligent features help the program pay for itself within weeks."

"CAD Overlay and GTXRaster R2V are a particularly good combination... The GTXRaster R2V module picks up where CAD Overlay leaves off by providing fully automatic, unattended raster-to-vector conversion."

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Autodesk Resource Guide - Edition 22

“GTX products are the single most requested products when it comes to raster editing and conversion software. …We depend on GTX for advanced technology that surpasses other available products on the market. And, if you know AutoCAD, then you already know GTX products because all menus, commands, and toolbars are consistent with AutoCAD. GTX products are a ‘win-win’ solution for any engineering environment that requires legacy data to be updated into electronic format.”

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PACIFICORP- January 1999

"Thank you for the quick response to my problem. I have never received such a quick response and solution to a problem experienced with any other software package that I have used. Being the Supervisor and support manager for an engineering group, I am required to provide quick solutions in a production work environment. Being a long-time user of GTXRaster CAD, I was duly impressed this time. Thanks, once again."

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Electrical Contractor Magazine - November 1998

"If you work in AutoCAD R14 and are in the market for a fast and efficient way to capture, modify and distribute existing paper designs, try out the tools from a leading conversion solutions developer... GTX offers multiple levels of applications that help companies manage and modify existing drawings as electronic files rather than as paper documents. GTX provides key ingredients for basic, clean translation and conversion of legacy or current drawings."

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CADdesk Magazine - October 1998

"Despite claims made by some developers, we found that none of the solutions [we reviewed] delivered the quality produced by the likes of GTX..."

CADdesk Magazine - April 1998

"Converting raster to vector used to be a "black art," in many respects GTXRaster CAD blows that right out of the water. I was very impressed."

"GTX totally transformed the task of scanning drawings from a labor-intensive job into a near-automated process. Release 14 has an in-built raster capability... out of the box, you can scale clip and move the image in AutoCAD - but that's about it. GTX takes functionality on to a new level, providing routines to cleanup, manipulate and then totally or partially vectorize the scanned drawing."

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Document Management Magazine - July/August 1998

"GTX provides a sophisticated suite of products that are too numerous to mention... GTX has certainly changed the playing field when it comes to productive employment of raster editing and raster-to-vector conversions from scanned engineering drawings..."

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CAD InfoNet - May 1998

"I immediately felt at home with this software because it functions within an AutoCAD environment. The tutorials are easy to follow and within a short time... less than an hour... you get to know most of the commonly used tools... Raster cleanup, Raster editing, Raster to Vector Conversion."

"GTX software can save time and effort ... It is very productive... There are no equivalents within conventional CAD packages... this program is easy to learn. I really liked the look and feel of the software and appreciated being able to stay in the one program to edit/convert and review the CAD results."

Read this article!

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City of Austin - August 1997

"I wanted to take the time to write you to thank you for your help during my Technical Support call. It was a refreshing surprise to speak to someone that had a thorough knowledge of the company's products. More importantly, you helped resolve my problem on the spot. Keep up the good work!"

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Siemens Energy & Automation - July 1997

"The GTX Corporation has made its commitment to us tangible. Your support in our time of crisis was incredible. I am thoroughly impressed with your company and its people. [Your products] have helped us get our job done".

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Unitil Service Corp. - July 1997

"Your Technical Support assistance over the last several days has been excellent. You had us moving forward in a very short time period. Thanks a bunch for the attention you have given us."

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SKF - USA - June 1997

"Your Technical Support has been the best I have come across. I am very grateful for your timely assistance."

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Royal Air Force, St. Athens - January 1997

"Previously Overlay Tracing complex Isometric three-dimensional views were taking us three to four days. We can now scan and convert the Same drawings in 15 minutes using GTXRaster CAD PLUS! GTX runs at the same speed as normal AutoCAD and provides us with Superior Raster Editing!"

"If it's already drawn on paper, we don't have to redraw it! GTXRaster CAD PLUS allows us to effectively re-use our old paper drawings. We are very pleased with the speed and flexibility of GTXRaster CAD."

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